Cook Thugless


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We rap.
We sing.
We make beats.
We play instruments.
We make lots of crazy music videos with our friends.
We're Cook Thugless.


"The group has consistently put out quality work, continuing to raise the bar higher and higher with each new release. Their single, ‘Lockjaw’, features [Shyrley Rodriguez,] bringing a gritty dark and sensual rap vibe to Cook Thugless's intimate, lush, and milky-way-like soundscape. Everything about Cook Thugless's style is pure magic. It’s bright, it’s colorful, it’s mysterious, it’s flat-out amazing. We’re so excited to see what 2018 holds for the group and if this song caught your attention, check out the artist's Soundcloud to hear more, you won’t regret it." -Ben Ali, Keep Walking Music

"Cook Thugless are one of the coolest bands in New Jersey." -Bob Makin, My Central Jersey

“The rap based band has a hot new single on their hands titled, "Lockjaw". The song itself is full of melodic flows and bars you'll be digging from the moment you press play. Featuring vocals on the chorus from Shyrley Rodriguez, the rap tune borderlines the razor edge of pop music. Trust us, this is one track you'll want to finish out your summer playlist! With the new single also comes the official music video that is just as entertaining as the track. Starring familiar face, Brandon Flynn (13 Reasons Why), the cinematography is a WIN within itself.” - James Brookes, Gas Mask Magazine

"If you’ve been out and about near New Jersey’s biggest institution of higher learning in the 2010’s chances are you’ve heard about Cook Thugless.  The seven member ensemble formed in 2013 and has been mixing MC’ing, live instrumentation, a variety of musical influences, striking visuals and a killer live show beyond RU’s borders ever since." -Angelo Gingerelli, The Pop Break

"Songs as concrete-hard as 'Net Worthless' bump up against slow jams like 'All Alone' to create a rap kaleidoscope that no one else is even coming close to." -Brian Erickson, You Don't Know Jersey

"The music video [for Junk Stew] slightly reminds me of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas with a touch of Quentin Tarentino’s bizarreness. Its theme is a total mindf***.  The group's unique rhyming style might raise an eyebrow (which is a good thing) and lives up to its title as a huge bowl of many inspirations." -Rodney Coursey, Garden State Hip Hop